Azalea 'Orchid Lights'

Mountain Shadow Nursery is your wholesale source for Azalea 'Orchid Lights' microcuttings from tissue culture.

Azalea 'Orchid Lights'

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(Microcuttings without roots, but normally easily rooted)


Minimum order:  250
Plant carries a royalty and/or is limited to licensed growers.
Ships within 6-12 months.
Volume discounts are available.  See Terms and Conditions for details.
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A compact hybrid (3' by 4') with bud hardiness to -45 degrees F. Unusual flower shape. A hybrid of Rhododendron canadense and Rhododendron x kosteranum.

Origin:University of Minnesota
Plant Size:3' tall, 4' wide
Hardiness:Flower bud hardiness is -45 degrees F
Flower Color:Pink
Flower Size:1.5" across
Bloom Time:Mid- to late-spring
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